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Corona Virus Covid-19 Updates,

Coronavirus Disease (Covid-19) Is An Infectious Disease Caused By A Newly Discovered Coronavirus.

Most People Infected With The Covid-19 Virus Will Experience Mild To Moderate Respiratory Illness And Recover Without Requiring Special Treatment.  Older People, And Those With Underlying Medical Problems Like Cardiovascular Disease, Diabetes, Chronic Respiratory Disease, And Cancer Are More Likely To Develop Serious Illness.

The Best Way To Prevent And Slow Down Transmission Is To Be Well Informed About The Covid-19 Virus, The Disease It Causes And How It Spreads. Protect Yourself And Others From Infection By Washing Your Hands Or Using An Alcohol Based Rub Frequently And Not Touching Your Face.

The Covid-19 Virus Spreads Primarily Through Droplets Of Saliva Or Discharge From The Nose When An Infected Person Coughs Or Sneezes, So It’S Important That You Also Practice Respiratory Etiquette (For Example, By Coughing Into A Flexed Elbow).

What To Do To Keep Yourself And Others Safe From Covid-19

  • Maintain At Least A 1-Metre Distance Between Yourself And Others To Reduce Your Risk Of Infection When They Cough, Sneeze Or Speak. Maintain An Even Greater Distance Between Yourself And Others When Indoors. The Further Away, The Better.
  • Make Wearing A Mask A Normal Part Of Being Around Other People. The Appropriate Use, Storage And Cleaning Or Disposal Are Essential To Make Masks As Effective As Possible.

Here Are The Basics Of How To Wear A Mask:

  • Clean Your Hands Before You Put Your Mask On, As Well As Before And After You Take It Off, And After You Touch It At Any Time.
  • Make Sure It Covers Both Your Nose, Mouth And Chin.
  • When You Take Off A Mask, Store It In A Clean Plastic Bag, And Every Day Either Wash It If It’S A Fabric Mask, Or Dispose Of A Medical Mask In A Trash Bin.
  • Don’t Use Masks With Valves.


Don’t Forget The Basics Of Good Hygiene

  • Regularly And Thoroughly Clean Your Hands With An Alcohol-Based Hand Rub Or Wash Them With Soap And Water. This Eliminates Germs Including Viruses That May Be On Your Hands.
  • Avoid Touching Your Eyes, Nose And Mouth. Hands Touch Many Surfaces And Can Pick Up Viruses. Once Contaminated, Hands Can Transfer The Virus To Your Eyes, Nose Or Mouth. From There, The Virus Can Enter Your Body And Infect You.
  • Cover Your Mouth And Nose With Your Bent Elbow Or Tissue When You Cough Or Sneeze. Then Dispose Of The Used Tissue Immediately Into A Closed Bin And Wash Your Hands. By Following Good ‘Respiratory Hygiene’, You Protect The People Around You From Viruses, Which Cause Colds, Flu And Covid-19.
  • Clean And Disinfect Surfaces Frequently Especially Those Which Are Regularly Touched, Such As Door Handles, Faucets And Phone Screens.

Matchless Team:-

We As Our Entire Team At Matchless Takes Above Mentioned Precautions On Daily Basis, And Keep On Updating To Our Team Regularly And Ensure To Follow These To Stay Safe.

Our Aim Is To Provide Our Customers Uninterrupted Services, And Hence We Are Mobilizing Our Business Contingency And Continuity Plan, Including Pandemic Operating Plans And Implementing Preventive Actions.

Store Pick Up Facility Is Also There, In Case If Order Is Placed Online As Self Ship (Shipping Method), And Our Team Will Contact With You To Collect/Pick Up The Parcel.


Stay Safe !!!